× We have need of a simple, effective means of collaboration in the cloud that spans desktop, mobile & web devices yet offers a google like experience with none of the intrusion. To that end discussions here revolve around building & managing that platform

Wsad.io Cloud

What is Wsad.io Cloud?

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Wsad.io is a Fork of NextCloud CE
with similar aims but will diverge to achieve those aims in a different way.

Wsad.io Cloud is similar in function in many ways to Google Drive, Dropbox & other cloud based file sync services

The main difference is that with Wsad.io Cloud your service is private to you, your intranet, community or enterprise website. This means that the data inside of the Cloud is private to you and isn't shared with us - like it would be with other providers.

We use End-to-End encryption, Server Side Encryption & where we store data out of the instance's we opt for encrypted storage there too. Create users, groups, public registration - or lock it down to private, Two Factor Authentication, Single Sign on & more. We provide facilities for convenient password management, user & group management and 3rd party integrations.

Like with Google Drive & Google Docs you can create, edit and manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, archives and keep data private, share them with the world - or a select circle or group of contacts.

Wsad.io Cloud is accessible from anywhere via a familiar web interface on Desktop & Mobile devices and for Mac, Linux, Windows, IOS & Android there exists native applications to manage sync across all kinds of devices.

There is an active community of application developers for Vanilla applications to get you up and running and its easily to extend Wsad.io cloud to include your own customization.

Collaboration is important and out of the box you have full Text, Email, Calendar, User Contacts, Circles & Groups as well as Voice & Video Chat built right in.

NextCloud vs WsadCloud
Feature by Feature right now - they are more or less the same, we are actively reworking the core and will push to the public repo's when ready. Where NextCloud focus on offering enterprise services for a fee we are aiming to provide similar enterprise level features out of the box.

The largest differences will be notable in the future
* Move to Material UI & React for the Front end UI
* Backend - Moving many features to the Block-chain
* Integrated App Store
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