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Wsad.io Cloud

Wsad.io Cloud - Early Access Program

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Wsad.io Cloud - Early Access Program

During Development we will always allow some number of users onto the system in controlled bursts to help us with debugging, testing, optimization, feature testing & so on.

This helps us to make better software & services, test new features & experiment faster while allowing users insight into what is coming and a chance to get familiar with the platform, contribute or support us.

While this is great most of the time it does mean there is some risk involved. Data may get corrupted, accounts may get reset, features may change overnight and worse things may break down completely for small spans of time. We endeavor to make the transition between versions as seamless as possible but there is always a chance something will get broken.

Once that is understood, members are invited to take part in the Early-Access program and details about what that means will be provided when available.

Sign up for Wsad.io Cloud
To sign up for early access just goto Wsad.io Cloud and click the Register button, fill out the usual details and then begin to explore. This instance of the cloud is the one we use for our day-to-day services and remains fairly stable during development (most of the time). It serve's also as a demonstration of what Wsad.io cloud is capable of.

Signing up for Wsad.io cloud now will give you access to the latest news, before it hits anywhere else - as everything pretty much spreads out from there, if you prefer, you can also sign up on the Social Hub at .

All users that sign up for either platform are automatically subscribed to the Early-Access newsletter that will be delivered infrequently.

Getting Involved
Sign up for an account on our Gitlab at and then get in touch with one of the developers on the WsadCloud repo. Browse the forums here for further information also or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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